Advocates want less regulation, better credit to help small businesses

Advocates want less regulation, better credit to help small businesses

By Melinda Rizzo

Lower tax burdens. Reduce government regulations and time-consuming compliance. Ease the flow of credit to spur growth.

That’s the mission of the Job Creators Network, an Atlanta-based nonprofit that made a stop in Quakertown on Thursday afternoon during its nationwide bus tour to promote small business

“Our goal is to be a voice for small business on Capitol Hill, in state [legislatures] and local government,” said Elaine Parker, chief communications officer for Job Creators Network.

Hosted at McCoole’s Arts & Events Place in downtown Quakertown, the event was the 15th of 30 stops. Earlier Thursday, the “Bring Small Business Back” tour – which concludes Oct. 26 in Miami – stopped at DeSales University in Center Valley.

Parker, along with a small core group, has been touring the nation since September.

“There is not enough talked about to promote small business,” she said.

The group’s goal is to listen to concerns of local governments and garner support.

“We have seven governors on board and we want 10,” said Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of Job Creators Network. “Governors listen.

Ortiz said there are about 28.5 million businesses nationwide, with more than 56 million employees.

“There are 85 million Americans [including households with at least one dependent child] who are dependent upon the success or failure of small business,” he said.

Robert G. Loughery, chairman of the Bucks County Commissioners, said small-business starts had been stagnant in Bucks the past five to 10 years.

“When you have regulations that impede or have an impact on small business, you have an impact on county government, too,” Loughery said.


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