Bring Small Businesses Back event in Roswell

Rep. Tom Price, Home Depot’s Bernie Marcus attending

Bring Small Businesses Back event in Roswell

ROSWELL, Ga. – The Job Creators Network announced it is hosting a Bring Small Businesses Back event in Roswell Wednesday, Oct. 19.

It will take place at Roswell City Hall from 9 to 11 a.m.. The event features U.S. Rep. Tom Price, Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus and Job Creators Network President and CEO Alfredo Ortiz discussing the threats that small business owners face.

The event is part of Ortiz’s Bring Small Businesses Back campaign which consists of a nationwide bus tour to hear the challenges that real local small businesses are facing.

He will present on this campaign as well as the nework’s Employer to Employee (E2E) education program.

“Rep. Price stands resolute in his defense of small businesses and is committed to removing the obstacles that lie in their path,” said Ortiz. “With the support of leaders like him, we can bring small businesses back and get the economy working for everyone.”

The event will focus on finding solutions to the problems most commonly cited by small business owners:



•Lack of access to credit.

With small businesses in Georgia making up 97 percent of all employers in the state, it is vital for their concerns to be heard.

In a nationwide poll of small businesses commissioned by Job Creators earlier this year, two-thirds of respondents identified over-taxation as preventing their businesses from thriving.

Three-fifths said the same about overregulation. As a result, the survey also found that only one in five small business owners plan to hire additional employees over the next year, and only around one-quarter believe that doing business over the next year will be easier than the previous one.

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