White Castle welcomes small business bus tour

White Castle welcomes small business bus tour

by Mike McCarthy

Columbus-based White Castle helped promote a nationwide effort supporting small businesses Wednesday.

It hosted the ‘Bring Small Businesses Back’ campaign at it’s corporate headquarters near downtown.

“Our concern is that the voice of small businesses and the voice of those neighborhoods aren’t being heard enough,” White Castle VP Jamie Richardson said.

Raising that voice has been the focus of the pro-business group Job Creators Network (JNC), which said taxes, regulations, and a lack of access to capital has hurt companies.

“It’s not a Democrat issue. It’s not a Republican issue. This isn’t a partisan issue. This is an american issue,” JNC President & CEO Alfredo Ortiz said.

Ortiz has already visited ten other states as part of cross-country bus tour, meeting with a variety of lawmakers and governors.

As part the effort, an Illinois congressman has proposed legislation reducing taxes for more than 60% of America’s small businesses, he said.

“Small business is too big to fail, and we need to make sure folks across the country hear this message,” Ortiz said.

Richardson described the challenges he and White Castle, which remains a family-owned business, have experienced.

“When decisions are made in Washington, D.C., whatever the good intentions, those decisions have an impact on our business and communities,” he explained. “And when they raise our costs dramatically, it may be hard for us to create the jobs and opportunities we wan to.”

Ohio Restaurant Association President & CEO John Barker called small businesses “the economic engine not just of Ohio, but the United States.”

“There’s so much in the way of businesses and restaurants, in terms of government regulations, that makes it hard for businesses to get created number one and continued profitably,” Barker said.

The ‘Bring Small Businesses Back’ bus tour has future stops planned in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, and other states.


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