Let’s Remember Why Health Care Reform Is Needed

For the better half of a decade, lawmakers in Washington have been experimenting with the nation’s healthcare policy in an attempt to bring coverage to all Americans, while controlling costs and sustaining quality. The Affordable Care Act was the climax of such attempts. While the ACA did bring some positive ideas… Read More

Congress needs to take axes to taxes

Despite the fact that Republicans hold the White House and majorities in the House and Senate, six months have passed and we’ve seen zero major legislative victories. Some conservatives are calling on Congress to cancel their August recess in order to make progress on top priorities, including fundamental tax reform. Read More

Pass Small Business Tax Reform Now

While tax reform languishes, all Americans pay. Washington needs to act quickly, but it also needs to get the policy right. Reducing America’s tax burden is the fastest way to boost real wages, which have been stagnant for decades. President Trump’s tax plan would put hundreds of dollars a month back… Read More

Janet Yellen’s fight for more $50,000-a-year jobs

In today’s highly politicized environment where lawmakers and commentators are judged more by their political affiliation than their ideas, it’s difficult for policy proposals to make an impact. That’s why the recent remarks made by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, one of the few public leaders who stands above the… Read More

Congress, pass small business tax reform now

On Wednesday, the Trump administration announced principles for comprehensive tax reform. While such broad-based reform that addresses the corporate and individual tax burden is necessary, it is unclear how such a plan would overcome the same hurdles that felled healthcare reform. These hurdles include being moderate enough… Read More

Trump Tax Plan a Sign of Better Days to Come

This week, President Trump called for a 15 percent corporate and small business tax rate. It couldn’t come at a better time. According to a new Job Creators Network (JCN) poll conducted by Roosevelt Opinion Research of 400 small businesses, more than 70 percent of respondents agree that high taxes… Read More