My tax bill would provide relief for local small businesses

The recent news that McDonald’s is relocating from Oak Brook to downtown Chicago generated headlines. But in reality, it is small businesses, which employ 2.4 million Illinois residents, that actually drive the suburban — and national — economies. While the McDonald’s relocation may have local impact, the ongoing struggles of… Read More

Federal relief needed for small business owners

New census data shows that more Americans are moving to Florida than any other state. This is quite obvious in and out of season. The Sunshine State added 332,000 net domestic migrants between July 2014 and June 2015, 60,000 more than second place Texas. Gov. Rick Scott still reigns supreme… Read More

New tax legislation would ease burden on small businesses

Last Wednesday, Rep. Randy Hultgren (R-Ill.) announced new legislation to ease the burden on American small businesses, which account for half of all U.S. jobs and two-thirds of its new jobs. The Bring Small Businesses Back Tax Reform Act (H.R. 5374) would lower the tax rate on pass-through businesses’ first… Read More

Sims: Dodd-Frank’s still hurting America’s small businesses

This summer, the Dodd-Frank financial legislation, the longest and most complicated bill in American history at over 22,000 pages and 27,000 regulations, marks its sixth anniversary. I’ve seen first hand its negative impacts in preventing small businesses from accessing the capital they need to form and expand. I own a… Read More

The Top Three New Challenges Facing Small Business

Starting a business is increasingly difficult. The rate of business starts is hovering near the lowest level in recorded history on a per capita basis. More businesses closed than were opened at the beginning of this decade for the first time in a generation. Why are things so bad right… Read More

Is The Unemployment Rate Lying To You?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is out with its February jobs report, showing that the unemployment rate is 4.9 percent—a post-recession low. Good news, right? Depends on how you look at it. This number does not take into account that millions of people have simply given up looking for jobs,… Read More

Small businesses in dire need of tax, regulatory reforms

Financial markets are down about 10 percent this year, stoking fears that the country might be on the precipice of another recession. Other economic indicators are mixed: The unemployment rate is at an eight-year low, but the percent of people who have dropped out of the labor force altogether is… Read More