Let’s Remember Why Health Care Reform Is Needed

For the better half of a decade, lawmakers in Washington have been experimenting with the nation’s healthcare policy in an attempt to bring coverage to all Americans, while controlling costs and sustaining quality. The Affordable Care Act was the climax of such attempts. While the ACA did bring some positive ideas… Read More

Hidden swipe fees cost big time

According to a Gallup Poll, only 24 percent of Americans use cash on a regular basis. The statistic is not surprising. Americans in general have been increasingly gravitating towards the use of credit and debit cards over the past 20 years and new apps, such as Apple Pay, are boosting popularity… Read More

Senate Republicans must lean into health bill

Senate Republicans are spending their Fourth of July weekend trying to overcome the Congressional Budget Office’s prediction that their proposed healthcare reform bill would cause 22 million Americans to lose health insurance. But tweaking the bill as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is currently trying to do won’t change… Read More