Message to new legislators: Address small business issues

As newly-elected legislators finish celebrating their Election Day victories and begin contemplating their legislative agendas, they should prioritize reforms that can generate bipartisan support. Early legislative victories with support from both sides of the aisle can set the stage for a productive and harmonious session – a welcome change from… Read More

Small Business Eye Ballot Measures On Election Day

While all eyes are on the Election Day matchup between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, small business owners across the country look on at various Election Day ballot initiatives that threaten their companies, employees, and communities. In four states – Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and Washington – voters face ballot initiatives… Read More

How to truly help small businesses

While family and friends fulfill Thanksgiving weekend travel plans, businesses are bracing for the tsunami of holiday shoppers. Though Black Friday and its estimated 75 million shoppers will be the busiest shopping day of the year, Americans shouldn’t overlook the importance of Small Business Saturday today. Read More

Employers Should Discuss Bad Government Policy With Employees

Alfredo Ortiz is the president and CEO of the Job Creators Network, where he has led the defense of small businesses from the onslaught of bad government policies. Ortiz has testified before legislative committees about the impact of bad government policy on job creation. He speaks frequently to business organizations… Read More

Governor: Government is still hamstringing small businesses

We’ve had a string of good economic news in Arizona lately. August marked our 23rd consecutive month of 2 percent or greater year-over-year job growth. The poverty rate has fallen, and more than 400,000 people moved here between April 2010 and July 2015. While good policies like tax reform, reduced regulatory red tape and a new crowdfunding law… Read More

Candidates, media must address economic issues, not sideshows

As the presidential campaign increasingly becomes indistinguishable from reality-TV, it’s easy to forget the real issues facing Ohioans and the country as a whole. While such pocketbook issues may not drive the news-cycle like the recent leaked communications of the presidential candidates, they do drive the state and the national… Read More

Nationwide bus tour highlights threats small businesses face

At a rally in Flint, Michigan last week, a former U.S. president highlighted how American small businesses are “getting killed” by the Affordable Care Act. The ACA is just one of many recent regulations that is preventing American small businesses from thriving. Beginning this year, businesses with 50 or more… Read More

Gov. Mary Fallin: Pushing back against bad federal policy

Last week, Oklahoma joined 20 other states in a legal challenge of the federal Department of Labor’s new overtime rule that is set to take effect in December. It’s another example of how Oklahoma’s elected officials are working to protect the state’s small businesses. The new overtime rule requires employers… Read More